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Studio Design & Construction

Studio Design

I’ll meet with you to discuss what you want and see the site, make notes and then put forward my proposal, modify it as needed and then prepare my estimate.


I work personally on every project and make sure that everything is done the way I plan it, and I specify and source the materials for effectiveness and price.


I check the existing building to identify and fix any weak points, then put in place solutions based on the project’s requirements and my experience.

Acoustic Treatment

From making a bedroom respond better to treating big areas, I try to identify where problems arise and deal with them with appropriate measures.

Some of the clients who trusted David Scherchen Studio Design to design and build their private music studio.

Studio Gallery


To provide you with a flat audio response so what you hear out of your speakers is the truth.

Kind words from my clients.

“If you’ve found David, please keep it to yourself…very very hard to find people this good! David has both built and rescued studios for me. He has an approach and a method you can’t find in any book, but trust me.. it works! And he is incredibly reasonable with his pricing. Not only can David weave magic on your studio but he is also someone who I’ve come to think of as a friend. He’s a lovely guy who will care about your room and your property as much as you do, and will be a pleasure to have around.”

DJ FreshInternational DJ/Producer

“I have worked with David from the very beginning of him building studios, right up until now. When I moved to Asia David flew in and built me the most amazing space with I recorded and completed my #journey man album in. The studio is a #true space in terms of its sound and it reality outside of the space I’ve been able to create my true potential within the custom space David has built.”

GoldieDrum & Bass Icon

“Thanks Dave, it’s been an absolute pleasure – loved watching the process of the studio being built and am so proud of the whole setup. Bloody love my place, the sound is perfect – can’t hear anything outside – so happy! Best studio in London!”

GiggsUK Rapper/Producer

“I asked David to help build a sound room for me. The person I use to master all my releases suggested that we call and speak to David as he not only worked on a build for his business but was spoken highly of among artists of note. We contacted him, he looked at the space and drew up plans, quoted a more than reasonable price and time frame. He and his assistant arrived and built a fully functional space for me to work in. He was pleasant and basically did exactly what I asked and what he said he would do. Now here is the best part: my studio in Berlin is in the back of my house, surrounded on 3 sides by apartment blocks connected. We built floating floors and ceilings, a large room within a room and I have yet to have any complaints and I have tested the limits of both live and sub-atomic alchemy! I really like David and would work with him again in a second.”

Anton NewcombeBrian Jonestown Massacre

“After many outrageous quotes from other companies I had the good fortune to be introduced to David. He came over for a consultation and I instantly knew he was the man for the job, from initial design to the last detail he is fantastic to work with as well as being wonderful company as he put together my home studio, the results are perfect and I absolutely love working in my fabulous new space. If I were to need another studio build I wouldn’t hesitate to call David again.”

Russ RussellHeavy Metal Producer/Mixer

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